Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Truth Behind Physics’s Biggest Cover Up - The Apple Never Falls!

Apple just got more luscious. The rising expectations and anticipations can make you bite your nails. Save them to dig Apple iPhone 5. The much talked about phone of 2012 is on its way to India. Die hard admirers who greedily eye the remaining half will now understand the meaning of taking it slow.

Apple draws another dimension with Apple iPhone 5. There couldn’t be another fitting tribute to the late Steve Jobs, whose legacy continues to live and fascinate millions through innovative Apple gadgets. So, what’s new with iPhone 5? Before we find out, let’s take some time and drool at its perfect figure. The svelte frame of iPhone 5 has got 4 inches of sheer beauty housed cosily in its screen. Redefining the audio clarity is Apple’s forte and with iPhone 5 it raises the bar higher than ever. The crisp sound quality of the oldest ipod, that made you join others in a zombie march to the apple store, grows more powerful with time. The loathed white devil of Apple finally falls with a thump and now its the time of angelic earpods. Innocent gothic souls that suffered immeasurably in the hands of the wicked pre medieval earphones will probably get a new tattoo. Apple christens its new earbuds as Earpods. This partially in-ear headset is more sturdy and doesn’t stabs you in the back. Lovers of loud music can end up with a fractured hip if they forget to turn the volume down. The only grey area is the grip that doesn’t renders any stability. Chances of joggers warming up to these earpods are slim. iPhone 5 leaves no scope for any voice disturbance as the pertinent use of three microphones filters the very sliver of noise.   

The camera on this phone can make the lady of justice look beyond her blindfold for the fine details. The new front-facing camera captures every aspect of your face in utmost clarity. The wider shots gives you a clear picture of the camera’s full potential. Things don’t change a bit on the video front too. The HD video quality doesn’t succumbs to shakes. The output that comes into existence thrills you to bits. Video processing is chug free and works suavely with the momentum of LTE(Unfortunately, India hasn’t got its share yet).

Apple iPhone 5 mocks the stop clock. The company has shown a pattern of slowing down the micro-seconds with their every phone. iPhone 5 doesn’t disappoints either. After getting thoroughly coached by the A6 processor, Apple’s neonate outruns android phones and all the renowned sprinters in the category. The gaming experience on this phone crosses the final level of bewilderment with the highly improved frame rates. Multi-tasking no longer involves growing an extra pair of limbs, plus, the app efficiency allows you to quickly switch lanes. In this highly confusing world, where knocking on wrong doors is not considered abnormal any more, the new Maps 3D Flyover view can possibly restore some order. Things get even better as you go. One of the prime concerns of an average smartphone user is the battery life. Lights on an ordinary smartphone often gets dim as the day approaches its end. But, Apple iPhone 5 sees you through the day without staggering like the rest. The daily ritual of an avid user which typically includes web browsing, emailing,Tweeting, gaming, music playback, and watching videos, usually leaves a smartphone emaciated. But, this isn’t the case with iPhone 5. This phone strokes you hunger more by letting you enjoy every extra morsel of action.

The trademark aesthetic factor of Apple dons a new avatar in iPhone 5. The moment you lay your eyes on this phone, you get smitten by its look. Other exciting features like ‘Do Not Disturb’ make this phone an useful tech toy. Apple’s new Maps application which almost passed my security check was stopped for a further pat down. The new map option leaves some users in tears and others in a name calling frenzy. Turn-by-turn instructions play their role but GPS walks on a crutch. Sometimes Navigation gets thrown out of the course, making you feel like a lost little boy in a brand new town. Google Maps, on the other hand still dominates the market and is considered much user friendly.

Before I conclude, let me quickly acquaint you with the advanced SIRI feature. This option puts your social life on the autopilot mode. This brand new SIRI does a hell lot of jobs for you. With its aid, you can enlarge your presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter. The phone posts on your behalf and further assists you in staying abreast of important data like sports scores and detailed information on movies.

In a hostile market, where rivals stay on a prowl with only one thing on their minds- Spitting the seeds, Apple iPhone 5 is not going to have a smooth run. But, having said that it’s next to impossible to wipe the taste of Apple from innumerable mouths. Even gourmets with varied pleasures can decide to take a walk in the orchard, as the spring is on the rise.     

INPUTS by Anand Kumar

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