Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Daily Overdose

Did you pay a close watch to the previous month? As, most of us guys stay glued to Zuckerberg's 21st century Bible, I safely surmise you didn’t. You could have pulled this one by sparing some time for the good old diary. But wait a minute you haven’t got your wrinkles and cane yet. Well, my friend, let me offer you a piece of useful advice. You better start tracking your every day, both in the present and in the past. With a bit of luck and imagination, you might end up writing a book.

It’s hard to say whether luck played a major role in determining the success of the talented writer Upendra Namburi. But, I can muster all my confidence and say without a sliver of doubt that this man knows how to dissect a story out of a day. His work of fiction - "31" tells the readers to stop taking their days for granted. The warm and cozy smile that greets you like a little birdie outside the window can follow you to your workplace; albeit in a different shape. You can take your pick from a vulture or eagle. Oh! did I spoil your mood? I never wanted to. Was making sure that you take your head out of the sack. The dulcet early morning feeling that makes you believe that this day will be the best day of your life can evaporate under the corporate sun. The story of Ravi Shastry could replicate itself, just to catch you unaware
s. This regional head of an international bank stays blissfully nonchalant of the mute road roller heading his way. Life looks hunky-dory as usual. A hefty pay package keeps his spirits high and the cloud of increments shack up periodically in the garden of eden.

But, the hail storm begins and roofs collapse. The tentacles of an international crisis grips the Indian arm of Imperial Bank. The condition is further exacerbated by an inside forecast: the sky could hurl pink slips. The perfect picture of happiness turns grim in
a few days. The harshness of fate closes in on his family. He braces himself for the worst but takes solace in the fact that he is not alone. He counts on his wife’s job which would save the family from a terrible plight. Little did he know that the straw of his hope will sink in the whirlpool of destiny. The fright of an uncertain future makes him shiver in horror when he realizes that his spouse’s job hangs in a limbo too.

So, do you think Ravi has got what it takes to survive this brutal month? Would he be able to outwit and outrun ploys and cages. Find out today by claiming your copy of 31 from our online shopping portal.

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