Tuesday, December 4, 2012

India’s Ascent Into The Night

India grows at night. This very statement can escalate your curiosity level. Restricting yourself from probing further is not an option. The choice becomes more difficult when you know you can’t brush aside this astute observation, coming straight from one of the fecund minds of the country- Gurcharan Das. Das takes up the case of this multi-faceted country and how it’s been deprived of the past, present and future that rightfully belonged to her.

The book starts on an optimistic note. Gurcharan promptly elucidates the thought lying behind the title of his book. He cites the example of once orphaned and highly neglected city of Gurgaon. He admires the strength of volition and sharp auguristic abilities that helped the city reach an enviable status. He reacquaints readers with a dissuading yet pivotal fact. He expresses his concern and dissatisfaction over the plight of a somnolent state which remains insouciant to the crippling disorganization. In his opinion, a nation is built with the efforts of abled hands which come together to cement the bricks of development. But in the case of this country, the hands which were supposed to show the way withered long back with the leprosy of corruption. His angst against the ineptitude of the government is properly inked in the first few pages. Development and government face each other on the either side of a seesaw, where development is perched at a height, while government still lingers at the nadir. 

The involvement of private sectors have efficiently filled the gap left by the government. Das traces back the challenges smothering India’s public life back to the pages of history. Small deficiencies which could have been easily addressed grew mightier with time. Gurcharan’s diagnosis explains the reason behind India’s weak immune system. India whose alleys spoke of opulence and riches, kowtowed to invaders and was subjugated time and again by foreign rulers. Fingers of accusations can only point towards the flimsiness of governance. The country hasn’t left the past behind and the phantom of weak administration still haunts the multitudes in India.

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