Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tie the Note

Samsung has handed over a new gift to Note fanatics. Leaders who assiduously supported their old note were anxious to follow the command of Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This blog is not aimed at the group which salutes the flag, it’s an attempt to make the other half willingly re-write its anthem. This smartphone towers over the commoners with its impressive 5.5-inch built. The giant screen taps into life with a delicate touch and lives up to the high expectations of a typical smartphone user. The phone operates on quad-core Exynos processor which renders a break-neck speed to the apps. The phone successfully harnesses the technical superiority of Jelly Bean OS. This platform is completely attuned to the high levels of modern day advancement.

This well structured phone is consciously designed to fit the hand of the user. There are no rough edges to begin with and the comfortability factor is not compromised anywhere. The longevity of the battery is another striking feature of the phone. Compared to the other phones, populating the segment, Note 2’s brilliant 3100mAh battery, fairs well in the test of time. An avid user who prefers stretching his and his smartphone’s limit will be in for a big surprise.

Samsung extravagance becomes visible in Note 2. The opulence displayed through the inclusion of 2GB RAM, 64GB of storage(Expandable), a microSD card for potentially another 64GB, NFC, dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, makes you give your shoulder a congratulatory pat. The phone boasts of all the usual motion, light, and orientation sensors. The addition of an inbuilt barometer keeps the user, constantly in touch with atmospheric and weather conditions.

Before you hit the cross, I would like to enlighten you on another fascinating element of this phone. The excellent camera of Note 2 meets your eyes with a flash. The 8-megapixel camera pushes your creative button frequently leading you to sharp, crisp and beautifully detailed images. If my efforts failed to cast the hard-boiled skeptic out of your being, visit our online shopping portal to learn more about the exciting features of this phone. 

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