Monday, November 19, 2012

Rackets That Don’t Bust Easy

The familiar name which always kept you on the edge is back again to make you jitter with apprehension. The undisputed king of thrillers - John Grisham is up with his new novel, The Racketeer. If the quake in your boots tingles your toes; if a straight line looks all twisted to you, you could be a prospective reader of Mr. Grisham. His latest offering fiddles with your mind. The plot revolves around a killing spree that drives the whole nation in a tizzy. The victims of this  mysterious killer sets his eyes on federal judges and takes them down one after another. The body of the fifth judge adds to the gross mayhem. The perfect crime makes the matter worse, making detectives and FBI agents chase their own tails. In the absence of any circumstantial evidence, law enforcement agencies are left clueless. Roadblocks keep popping in and cracking the case becomes an uphill task. Wrapping one’s head around the strange killing of the fifth judge turns out to be another arcana itself. The technical aspects of the crime scene eludes even the best minds in the business. The lives of judge Fogletree and his young secretary are drained out of their bodies but no one can put a finger on a name. The unavailable signs of a forced entry or a gruesome struggle, further plunges the case in a pit of darkness.

John Grisham’s contribution to the field of thriller fiction is unmeasurable. He enjoys an ardent fan base and his popularity grows with his every splendid work. His readers are drawn towards the flawless prose. The element of nerve-wrecking surprise rivets the readers till the end. John shot to fame with his major works like YA series of Theodore Boone, a collection of stories and The Litigators, Calico Joe, Ford County, and one work of nonfiction - The Innocent Man. Indiaplaza presents the only substance that makes you high. So don’t wait for another moment, shoot up the virgin thrill at our very own pad: Indiaplaza - India’s leading online shopping portal. 

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