Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The View Inside The Windows

Nokia Lumia 820 & 920

The world waits with bated breath to catch its first look of Nokia Lumia 820 in person. Well, you can give the auto-erotic asphyxiation a rest. We have some interesting trivias that could take you all the way to a phonegasm (note: It’s triggered strictly by apps and unfolds only in uptown, i.e. your mind).    

Smartphone enthusiasts who attach equal importance to appearance are bound to get smitten by the design features of this phone. It runs on windows phone 8 platform and the impeccable performance of this phone is well complemented by its stunning looks. After a string of smartphones that restrict you within the boundary of limited colours, Nokia Lumia 820 finally splashes the colours on the customers. You can choose a shade that goes well with your personality. The Smart Shoot feature of this smartphone is another step taken by Nokia towards innovation.

Are you getting lost in the city lights? You gotta put your Nokia City Lens on to navigate freely in and around any city. Let all your old wires hang on the clothesline. Nokia Lumia 820 puts chargers out of business with wireless charging. The charging shell on this phone replaces the biblical age plug points with a charging plate – or the Charging Pillow by Fatboy. Now, you won’t get the urge to commit battery on your phone during those halted conversations. How about carrying your boss in your pocket? Diffusing all his mood swings, watching his finger of accusation shrinking to the size of his thumb nail. It sounds surrealistic but you could make it happen by staying abreast of all your work related activities. You can easily make those last minute changes in a powerpoint presentation or drop an important mail in a time pressed situation by using the Microsoft application on this Windows phone.

World has heard enough of pretty mouths that always force a smile. They talk about peace and the mother they never met. If you ask me, the key to everlasting peace lies in abstinence. It can be achieved by a simple exercise done in self control. If we hit the pause button on our tongues and just listen to soothing tunes played on a Nokia Lumia 920 windows phone, there would be no heated arguments, no defamation suits, no controversies and the voice of peace will be heard again.  

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Inputs By Anand Kumar

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  1. Nice review. However I don't make much of the wireless charging feature in the Lumias.