Monday, October 1, 2012

The Great Man And His Monkey Business

There was an era long ago when hands never brandished guns, nobody made a fist when struck on the head with a baton, when blood seeped out from limp bodies it didn’t have sweat of fear mixed in it. It was the era of the Mahatma-The bare-torsoed warrior who waged a war against tyranny with a beatific smile on his face. The scrawny heavyweight of Indian independence movement dragged foreign domination out of the Indian shores with his weapon of non-violence.

The idea of offering the right cheek when slapped on the left may sound preposterous to many young minds. Minds that are completely devoid of the basic sense of judgement, minds that stage a public molestation of girls to increase TRPs. Minds that make fingers squeeze the trigger when they are refused a drink. If Gandhi were alive today his stick would have struggled to show him the way, his legs that lead a horde of people would have lost their agility, the tongue that shamed rioters into submission by staying still, would have made him scream in anguish.

So, how did this happen? How did things go awfully wrong? Did the old generation fail to bequeath Bapu’s treasure on the new one? I believe not, it’s just that we discarded gold for dust. The noble soul got trapped in the photo frame and smiled with pity, hanging patiently from his wall. We turned our backs on him and avoided his gaze to let injustice, corruption and apathy flourish under our nose. Things haven’t changed so far, a pure hearted messiah exploded on the scene to clean the muck with the tide of reforms. But with many Judases on their side, messiahs always end up on a cross.

It’s time to seek Bapu’s help. It’s time to learn the lesson of perseverance. The next time when you wake up for a new day, let the dream of a developed India flash in your open eyes. India’s eyes now hurt, it’s resilience weeps. She stares hard at her palms to find the future in the crisis crossed lines. The lotus too ended up sinking all hopes in the marsh of duplicity. Citizens have had enough of this political business. It’s time to plant a seed of honesty that shelters gandhi’s three monkeys. Let’s bring the glory back to India with the old and trustworthy monkey business.

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INPUTS BY : Anand Kumar

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