Friday, October 19, 2012

Give Your Nose The Right Job

Eternal Gifts of Flowers

People make attempts to get at the heart of the problem, when finding it only requires a cross-eyed look in a very small distance. It’s our nose which is the real troublemaker. Gods knew it all along. They tried passing the message too but somehow it got lost on us mortals. Surpanakha would have never sniffed around a devout and already taken man after the fateful nose job. Why do we waste our precious moments in poking our nose in other’s business? Why do we smell something fishy when there is nothing amiss? We let relationships take a nose dive to save the inane nasal honour. From this moment, let’s put the nose to the right use and inhale sweetness, affection and love of flowers with our every single breath.

Call it a writer’s imagination or an extreme case of delusion, but it’s not impossible to replace guns with roses. A lynch mob can turn into a friendly procession, the trident could stop impaling the crescent moon. The truth can be more saner than reality if hearts are won and differences are resolved with the gift of flowers.

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