Friday, October 26, 2012

Don’t Let The Image Take A Beating

How often do you cover your eyes? Not frequently I guess. I mean, you always have a minute to take your eyes off your own life and feast it on an ongoing fight. You just stand there and watch while two parties exchange blows or when an innocent chap is beaten within an inch of his life. You just stand and watch. But, does it do you any good? Those few moments of entertainment, do they enrich you or leave you more empty than ever? You must answer these questions, when you still have the time. You must know when to cover your eyes and refuse to take up arms against your conscience when they are open.

Speaking of covering your eyes, how about doing it for the brighter picture? The picture that bears ordinary faces drawn by invisible hands of situations. Digital SLR cameras are meant for capturing such volatile pictures that disappear in a flash. Camera manufacturers slog to stay ahead of the competition by brainstorming and exploiting modern technology to develop cutting-edge digital cameras. The extensive marketing research undertaken by the giant of the Lens Land like Nikon, has made other camera makers adjust their angle. Dazzling features like higher-resolution sensor, faster continuous-shooting, better and more flexible video quality forms the forte of Nikon. Nikon also offers fabulous point and shoot cameras that are highly preferred by customers all across the globe.The other name that never ceases to surprise camera enthusiasts is of Canon. These cameras help the users to effectively combat dissuading factors like noise, camera shakes etc.

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  1. I bought a Canon 550D 6 months back and my life has changed! A DSLR seriously is a boon