Friday, September 28, 2012

A Serious SEAT-uation

Take Me Seriously!

Who would have thought, in their wildest dreams, that the hands that once played peek-a-boo would finally rock the cradle! But it happened. J.K Rowling grounded many of her fans, not so long ago, with the news of her new book- The Casual Vacancy. A few ardent Harry Potter readers sulked, while the other few used the Unforgivable Curse on her, but in the end all they got was a long timeout.   

With ‘The Casual Vacancy’, J.K Rowling sets her eyes on adults. It’s difficult to say whether Rowling can walk to the other side, without tottering on this thin rope. But, her valiant endeavour of breaking out from the mould, surely deserves appreciation. 

In her latest novel, J.K Rowling doesn’t alienate herself from magic completely. As here, the characters display the magic that brings changes in most of us, over the course of our lives. The story reflects the grotesque image of deformities caused by the dark magic of avarice. The tumor of greed which grows inside us and destroys our ideals and virtues with an inaudible explosion. This same affliction wreaks havoc on the small and peaceful town of Pagford. The epidemic invades the souls of the residents soon after the demise of Barry Fairbrother. The town’s tranquility evaporates in the air and hostility settles down on every inch. Hatred becomes the order of the day. Mayhem enters bolted doors of households to banish love forever. Husbands and wives grow morose, teachers impart lessons on animosity, teenagers revolt ferociously against their parents. Normalcy loses its meaning and every ray of hope diminishes. The fire of disturbance turns into a raging inferno when the bell for the last round is heard. The fight for the empty chair of Barry Fairbrother becomes a messy affair. The ambitious hands wielding the garrote of politics strike each other, making morals and ethics turn over in their graves.  

Want to find out where this insanity finally ends?

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Inputs By: Anand Kumar

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