Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Funnies Dished Out Desiishtyle - INDIAPLAZA RECOMMENDS

A dramatic composition, or representation of a bright and amusing character, based upon the foibles of individuals, the manners of society, or the ludicrous events or accidents of life; a play in which mirth predominates.

This hilarious novel describes one year spent on a small university campus in the US, by an Indian student. His English is comically Indian, and his initial notions of America are absurdly inadequate and stereotyped. The theme of the novel is his comic discovery of America, and his own growth and maturing through his diverse adventures he encounters.

Ray’s debut novel is a cheeky, irreverent but never disrespectful take on sitcoms, Bollywood and its masala-ish item numbers, politics, media , news channels, liberalization and so much more.
The book works because it expresses a common unity. Beneath our varied garbs of religion, custom and language, there are certain things that make us Indian and this book represents that  rather comically. Funny, well researched and written in an easy conversational tone, this book is definitely worth a read


Self published and printed at a monastery, Kartik Iyengar is the king of Desi pop-corn reads.
Of all the IIM/IIT grads to publish books about b-school and their marriage and the same old spiel, Iyengar’s story is a refreshing breath of not only fresh much needed oxygen in a genre already growing stale with the stink of desperate fame.
Authentic, honest, amusing and comical, Through the book Kartik uses techniques like feigned ignorance, unacceptable slang (mostly understood only by a handful of social media geeks) to ask rudimentary, thought provoking and sometimes merely provoking questions. The hopefulness is, however evident in every kilometer of the book which looks at the goodness and prosperity that is clearly visible across a booming India.


Looking for a break from all the fiction revolving around b-schools and horrendous writing? Then the Wednesday Soul is the perfect antidote for someone looking or a fun contemporary author. The editing is decent and the writing is quirky, humorous, full of puns and the story is the star.
The female protagonist Nyra Dubey kicks ass and how she personifies the contemporary feminist in charming shades of grey and is out for revenge after she gets murdered. Only she is now a Wednesday soul and tackling flying elephants, strange super spirits, weird after life rules is the just the beginning in a series of comical mishaps. Then there’s the guy with a secret of his own. And one that might be the key to helping Nyra in her quest.

COLLECTED WORKS- THE OBLITERARY JOURNAL (fiction/non fiction illustrated)


From the team that brought you the incredible smash hit Tamil Pulp Fiction, The Obliterary journal is a fantastic example of indie publishing. Creative licenses are explored, rehashed and rewritten as donkeys have strange dreams, traditional leaf paintings are given a sci fi twist, 12th century Sanskrit algebra problems about war, sex, and frisky animals!  Non-fictional comic interviews with the residents of a home for aged men in Kozhikode, Kerala! Three of Bangalore’s most outrageously stylish auto drivers! Work by India’s greatest sign painters and lettering designers from Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jodhpur, Kollengode, Aizawl, Shillong, and Imphal!
A visual treat with its brilliant illustrations and whacky sense of humour. A must read. 

CYRUS BROACHA- ALLHIS BOOKS! (non fiction, satire, humour)


If there was ever the need to jave a comedy festival and an awards ceremony at the end of it, this fellow would walk away hands down (not unless he has lost weight and has the agility of a yogic tantric gymnast) with every award.
Observant and clever, that he plays the fool (much to shakespear’s delight had he been alive.. then again, probably not) and dumbs down things is evident of a higher brain at work.
That this higher brain is a pink alien in the form of a lilac bata slipper probably controlling India’s funny man and columnist and theater personality and husband and father and son and cousin(?) is probable.
Read any and all of his quirky humorous books. They are all highly recommended. You wont be disappointed. (Just don’t come to me with your tummy ache from all the laughing!)

CLYDE D’SOUZA - KISSING ASS (non fiction-office humor)

A jargon-free guide on how to play all kinds of office politic. Some people can kiss ass naturally, some can’t do it to save their lives, and many just don’t know how!

Kissing Ass: The Art of Office Politics is a no-bullshit, jargon-free, non-sloppy guide that breaks own typical workplace situations and offers you not textbook advice but real sucking-up solutions to them. From nervous first days to elated farewell mails, Kissing Ass gives you tips and tricks on how to act, react, or play dumb as per the scenario. Learn different types of ego massage techniques, what to say to the CEO in the loo, how to reply to work emails over weekends, and, yes, even how to deal with sex at work! So polish your corporate lips, pucker up, and get ready to kiss your way to success.


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