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Jack straight up on P.G. Bhaskar’s tab

Jack Patel hits the road again to pick you up for another spin. The itinerary remains the same, but this time he keeps it in neutral more than often, to let you hang around his past. He revisits the days when the world’s economy almost stood on its last legs and drowned the hopes of his several clients, who were ambushed by an unsuspecting enemy. The bitter memories of recession is well captured in its very essence by P.G. Bhaskar. In the first few pages of ‘Jack Is Back In Corporate Carnival’, the apparent guilt of Jack keeps on gnawing at him as no matter how hard he tries, he couldn’t stop blaming himself for not averting the fiasco, something that an individual could have never done, independently. The decision to begin his second innings in Dubai is a step, he takes, to redeem himself; to exculpate the other Jack patel who lingers within him and demands a solatium for the losses,his clients at Myers York incurred during the recession. The prose is replete with wry remarks that leaves the readers in splits.The story is set into motion when Jack and his best friend Kitch readily accept a handsome job offer, made by their former colleague, Peggy. But after joining Abbott-Adriaan, they couldn’t acclimatize to this new work environment quickly, as they discover the presence of several inner conflicts between different departments. Anyways, Jack gets onto his business of fetching new clients for the bank and ends up shuttling back and forth from one ludicrous situation to the other. P.G. Bhaskar is one of those writers who can treat even the worst case of multiple fractures sustained by the funny bone. His humor gets a perfect conduit in the protagonist Jack Patel, which further invigorates the readers and lifts the burden of their daily lives for good. Had a tough day? Wanna laugh yourself to sleep? Grab your copy of ‘Jack Is Back In Corporate Carnival’ and get LOL+     

[ Jack Is Back In Corporate Carnival by P.G. Bhaskar ]            

Jack’s encounters with Kitch’s younger brother Anand is hilarity at its best. His discomfort caused by an unabashed request of getting condoms is comically exacerbated when the shopkeeper at a pharmacy recommends paan flavored condoms to him. Mina, Jack’s wife is wee bit over conscious about her weight and her commitment to a sculpted body makes an operose follower of yoga out of her. Kitch, his best friend and a fellow employee of Abbott-Adriaan is a regular guy of the neighborhood, who vents out his anger at every defeat, suffered by the Indian cricket team, without holding back his expletives. He wasn’t a guy who liked yielding to someone else’s wishes. But, the slashing of his moustache after the nuptial makes Jack change his opinion about him. His marriage to Galiya and the subsequent role of fatherhood brings a major change in his life that gets rubbed off on his personality too. ‘Jack Is Back In Corporate Carnival’ is an easy read that immediately strikes a chord with the readers and ensues a second consecutive laugh riot.
This novel reunites you with the affable Jack Patel, who has much to say and has got all the time in the world to say it. A banker whose real specialization lies in his ability to bring tears of joy with his over the top funny quips, is all set to tag you along with him on his another journey across the kingdom of humor.

P.G. Bhaskar makes a half-hearted effort in the portrayal of few characters like Sunny Singh. Instead, he ends up creating some drab stereotypes out of them who exist for the mere purpose of forcing laughter at some points in the story. But overall, ‘Jack Is Back In Corporate Carnival’ scores many points for aspects like an engrossing plot that rivets readers with unexpected twists and drives them to near manic episodes of laughter. Chortle all the way to the end, as Jack never stops getting trapped in one weird situation after beating a hasty retreat from another. This smart mouth banker thoroughly entertains you by poking fun at others while showing utmost consistency in making himself a butt of all jokes, at the same time. Experience sheer pandemonium that extends from Dubai to Africa and gets interesting in Chennai. Learn, how Jack Patel almost hooks up with buccaneers. If you think Jack could stop at this, think again as our hero could never settle down on anything less than a brave rescue operation of his friend’s wife from the hands of a dreaded ghost. So, go ahead and uncork Jack, but don’t get carried away and take it slowly as only few can hold these many shots of humor, without passing off. 

Jack Is Back In Corporate Carnival by P.G. Bhaskar ]    

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