Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spruce up any room decor with wall decals!!

Walls Need Love Wall Decals have revolutionized the way we decorate our living spaces with our high quality non-damaging wall arts. Vinyl wall decals and vinyl wall stickers are perfect for creating a uniquely personal, creative decor and to renovate and transform you home, office, kid's bedroom or playroom, adding color and style to your interiors

Wall decals and vinyl art are less expensive than textured painting & wall papers, they are fun to decorate with, and easy to apply or remove. So go crazy and be creative when dreaming up your next decal.

Make the most of the mystifying space between a headboard and the ceiling with clever room accents. Deck the walls above the bed headboard with square picture frames or wall decals for dramatic visual contrast,or follow the curve of a headboard with a staggered arrangement of decorative wall decals of your choice ranging from floral, nature, animal designs, lettering and many more.

Inputs From: Harika


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