Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Toys that are Fun and Educational Too

As your child moves into toddler hood, you'll start to have focus on creating a mix of 'fun' time and educational time. Some children naturally pay little attention to advertising and television and would far prefer to be playing with age-appropriate puzzles or challenge-based toys, getting muddy in the garden or being read to. And of course, it's wise to let your children lead if they naturally lean towards activities that will stimulate their learning. In other situations though, you'll need to provide alternating 'fun' and educational experiences in terms of toys, activities & amusements and television.

Educational baby toys are usually thought of as those help build skills that will be used in formal education. For example, shape naming and recognition toys, colour matching toys and any baby toy that has a 'purpose' and presents a significant challenge can be thought of as educational. Here's why it can be great to use these baby toys to push your toddler past the boundaries of fun:

Educational toys can instil a sense of pride in achievement which is very useful later in life.Building the skills of traditional education means that your child will feel more comfortable and confident in a kindergarten or school environment and therefore will do better. Educational toys usually need parental involvement... and ofcourse it's a great excuse to spend time with them!

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