Friday, April 13, 2012

A Summer of Books

Hoo  ray-  summer  is  here!

And while the kids cheer, you’re in fear!  

As  a parent  whether  you’re  working  or  not,  summer  holidays  bring  it’s  version  of  testing  your  parenting  skills. There  are  only so many classes’  you  can  enroll kids  into and before your ears  give  way  for  good, there  is  hope!

As  parents’  it is  up  to  us,  to  give  our  children  all  the  tools to  better  themselves  with  and  nothing does  it  better than gift  of  reading. It  encourages  their  ability  to  visualize,  learn  and look  up  new  words,  patience  and  stimulate  their  understanding  of  creativity  and  intellect.

I am  so  happy  to  announce  that  this summer  the  book offers  are  bigger  and  better  than  ever  before at Indiaplaza vacation special books. All designed  to  engage  your  child, tween,  teen  and  young  adult  in  adventures  of  the  mind  and  the  heart.

We  as  parents  know  that  kids today  are  getting  smarter  by  the  day.  Unfortunately for us who want them to remain our little babies, they  are years  ahead  then  even  we  were  at  their  age. With such  confidence  too. Well,  its  best  to  nurture  their  collegial  aspirations.

So,  my  dear  parents, read  with  your  kids,  to  your  kids  or  just  be  happy  with  your  new  found   in  the  silence!  Have a wonderful  summer  carnival  of  the  clever  kind with Vacation special books.

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  1. Absolutely true. I wish more and more parents understand the role of books in their children's lives.

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