Monday, April 9, 2012

Re-Styling Your Summer Wardrobe

Ever thought how else you could wear a skirt if not as a skirt?  How you could have a colourful belt for your attire by using your stole?

This season, fashion is all about re-inventing your wardrobe with the old. Mix and match your clothes to create an entirely new look. Look funky this summer with a few fashion pointers:

      Wear your short floral skirts as a top and the longer ones as a dress; use a thin belt to hold it at the waist. Alternatively, wear a blouse over a short dress to have a never-before skirt-top combo. Pin a flower to your hair, and you look like summer’s favorite child!

        For the bohemian look, fold your colourful scarves and stoles and use it as a hairband. Let the end fall over your shoulder.

        Wear a long tunic that falls below your knee. Wear a well-fitted skirt over it – the tunic serves as the border for your skirt.

        Spice up your old t-shirts by attaching ruffles or lace at their hem and adding elastic to their sleeve ends to give it a more feminine look.

If everything fails, just wear a lot of colour with oodles of confidence and you’re great to go!

Inputs From: Sneha Nair 

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