Friday, April 6, 2012

Protect Your Skin from Sun Tan this Summer!!!

Summer is all about vacations and doing outdoor activities!!! And, finally you end-up getting sun tans. The skin gets tanned in couple of days but it really takes a long time to restore the original colour. It is very essential to protect the skin from sizzling hot sun!!!

UVA rays which is present in sunlight can penetrate into the deeper layers of skin and alters the skin color. The easiest way to protect yourself in order to avoid direct exposure to sun rays is by wearing clothes from top to bottom for maximum protection.

Sunscreen lotion, the ultimate solution to protect against the sun. It’s impractical to wear too many clothes in summer. It’s easier to apply sunscreen cream with  SPF 15 or more over face, neck, hands and feet daily in order to protect from the scorching hot sun!!! Also, don't forget to carry Refreshing Facial Wipes this summer. 

Inputs From: Suganya Ravichandran

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