Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Go Stylish This Summer with White Trousers

With spring just setting in and summer not being too far behind, it’s closing in on the period where we get to pack away the heavy winter gear and prepare our wardrobe for a warmer climate.

On the list of essentials that make your yearly spring/summer rotation should be a pair of crisp, slim white trousers.

They may well bring to mind thoughts of the Goa Beaches rather than the sunny streets of Delhi, but white trousers for men are a great versatile piece for spring and summer.
White trousers not only look great against the backdrop of a clear, bright day but also represent a practical option for those days when the mercury hits the heights. Maybe – practicality and white – not two words you often hear in the same sentence. However, for those that missed their science classes, the white will be much cooler in the sun, as the light colour will reflect heat and not retain it like a darker colour would.
White trousers within the realm of men’s fashion and style are nothing new; you could even go as far as labeling them timeless.

Style Tip: The reoccurring pattern of a dark contrast against the white trousers is no coincidence. By creating the contrast you can guarantee your white trousers look will err on the right side of style. While pastels and lighter colours also work well alongside white.

Inputs From: Saakaar

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