Saturday, March 10, 2012

Are you with the Jewelry Fashion of 2012? or still stuck..??

To start with, I would like to share the history of jewellery trends. The number of cultures that were used in jewellery from historical period cannot be counted. African people initiated jewellery by making jewels with snail shells and ostrich egg shells. These jewellery sets were found in a cave situated near Blombos. The use of jewellery started thousand years before and it developed and grows in this gigantic time span.

In this present world, we have grown and with us has grown the jewellery and its glamour.  Fashion and style taint year to year; fashion designers work tireless to develop of designs and jewellery patterns. Beads and Pearls embedded jewellery liked by college going girls and teens. They are great fan of these lightweight jewellery trends 2012. Use of diamond is a prestigious fashion of riches and members of royals. Diamond is the most costly stones on earth and found in the mines of coal. These diamonds are found in raw form, after polishing them these crystal stones become the part of top level shinny jewellery trends 2012.Big fashion jewellery sets like rings, earrings, bangles, necklaces and other fashion obstacles are in popular and trend list, as you can observe this trend in different fashion ramps and fashion shows.

Check you style quotient today and pamper yourself!

Inputs From: Richard Ravichandran

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