Friday, December 16, 2011

The Break Up by Vijayendra Haryal – Something different

It’s not the very first time when an IIM or IIT Graduate has come up with a book filled with love & fiction. It is also not very first time that a book written by Corporate Manager is being discussed on our blog. So what makes the latest book The Break Up by Vijayendra Haryal something different?

The book promises to have a unique & brave attempt to try something different about love. The title itself looks quite unconventional for a love-fiction book, not to be ignored it gives a negative overtone straight away. The Break Up by Vijayendra Haryal is a collection of 21 short stories with 7 poems, all set to take you deep down the streets of love.

The title story makes a strong attempt to convey that “Love” holds different meanings to different people. Same story is narrated as a Male & a Female version, giving different essence each time to reflect the same thing is perceived differently.   

Numerous conclusions have been arrived at as to why love happens – yet, love has no bounds and knows no ‘logic.’ The fabulous book talks about the deeper insights of love, written by Vijayendra Haryal, a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Kharagpur, he is from the Class of 2008, IIM Ahmedabad. He is now working as a Business Manager at a leading MNC. He recently co-authored India’s first most comprehensive book on Social Media.

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