Saturday, November 26, 2011

Indiaplaza Affiliate Program: Starters Guide

We welcome you all to Indiaplaza Affiliate Program. Our Affiliate Program is perfectly tailored for both Professionals as well as Novice marketers. You can start earning from day one with Indiaplaza Affiliate Program.         

What does Indiaplaza Affiliate Program means?

Our affiliate marketing concept is very simple & clear, if you are a Pro Marketer, go for a coffee break and could skip this section, if not, continue reading.

Even if you don’t have a website or blog you can still earn money.

1. Select a product page or Homepage Page
2. Copy the page URL, for example,
3. Add your Affiliate code, ?affid=yourAffiliateId, for example,
4. Share this link with your friends through email, Twitter, Facebook or any other social network.
5. They click the link, come to, make a purchase you get the commission.
6. Log-in in your Dashboard and monitor your revenue stream growing.

If you consider yourself a Pro, Read here

Adding Domains
: Add your website or blog you want the traffic to be added in your affiliate account and all the transaction through your website traffic will give you commission. By adding domains in the affiliate account you don’t need to add any tracking code in the URLs placed in that website. You can go ahead and add more than 1 domains owned by you in your account at Marketing Tab > Domains

Using Links: Please add ?affid=yourAffiliateId at the end of each URL, for example if you want to connect to

Using Banners
: Banners are available at your dashboard under Marketing Tab. Just copy the codes & place in the webpage wherever you want to show Indiaplaza Ads.

As soon as you start promoting through these steps you will be able to see results in real time basis on your dashboard.

You could see the real time statics of visits, sales & revenue any time.

If you haven’t joined Indiaplaza Affiliate Program, click here to join & start earning now.

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