Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hope you had enough of Gifting? Life is much easier online

I know you guys are almost done sending gifts to friends & family. Few of you must be busy unpacking your gifts. Most of my friends are still complaining about the rush during this festive season in market and brands being unreasonable about the pricing. Anyways we will always send gifts & feel cherished by receiving one.

To make things simpler we have amazing options of sending online gifts. So how does online gifting any different?
Selecting a best gift for your loved ones could be very confusing at times. If you know the person very well, you might find it easier otherwise you need some help. With so many online gifting ideas you can be rest assured of finding a perfect gift.         

Alright, what else online could offer?
If your gift doesn’t reach on-time, there’s no point sending it. So packing it up and keep calling the courier guy is not anymore required if you send online gifts. Online Gifting has almost taken the pain out of gifting.

Anything else?
The best thing about online gifting is you save a lot of money. Online shopping has always been the best place to get huge discounts & deals. You also save money on packaging and sending it through courier or parcel service. 



  1. Where is the comment I posted yesterday. Stop fooling people with these blogs. Let people know how your customer feel about you. So, they don't waste their time and money on you.


  2. Stay away from India Plaza. It is the worst online store. I submitted an order (IN1910110633) more than 2 weeks back. Order status shows "Ready to ship" for last 2 weeks. Submitted a ticket more than a week back. Ticket status shows it will be resolved by Oct 26th. What a joke.

    It would be better, If these guys were spending some time running the store rather than writing these beautiful blogs.

  3. A fake product is not appreciated by anyone as a gift !!!
    You think people are fool, who purchase fake products from you to gift to others !!!
    You team of Cheaters !!!