Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome aboard folks!

Dear Fans,

"THANKS" is all that we can say! One HELLUVA weekend it was- thanks to you of course! It was great connecting with you people on facebook. Now we are connected with a wonderful mix of fans on facebook - customers who have been shopping with us for the last 10 years ( we take a bow!), customers who just love our deals and the newbies who have visited the site and liked what they saw!

WHY THIS PROMOTION? - The Raison'd etre.

Connecting with you; taking your feedback and exclusive rewards ONLY for YOU! This is the central theme behind our Twitter and Facebook pages. Our initial fans on facebook and twitter would have already experienced a lot of one-to-one conversations with us and even seen their feedback implemented by us.

So it was only logical that we reward you fans for all your support and love. This promotion is only a sign of  things to come, which will be even bigger and better! We thought "When we have fans for the store, why don't we have a store for the fans!" . Introducing THE INDIAPLAZA FAN STORE, ( Launching tomorrow) which will have exclusive products, exclusive gift certificates, contests and prizes - ONLY for you folks!

Some of you had pointed out there were fake accounts with no friends and these accounts were adding comments that were sceptical of the offer and inflamatory in nature.You guys have saved us all the trouble by tipping against such accounts - take a bow!


1.  The gift certificate page link will be sent as a facebook fan update to our fans on Wednesday (July 14th) at 8 PM.
2.  We will also post the link on our wall to make sure you do not miss it.
3.  In the gift certificate link we send you, enter the same email id that you use with your facebook account to generate the GC. The usage of multiple GCs from the same account will not be allowed.

4.  The gift certificate will be valid for 48 hours - From the night of July 14th (Wed)  to midnight of July 16th (Fri).

5.  You will have a choice of categories to shop from your own exclusive INDIAPLAZA FAN STORE! ( YES! The launch is tomorrow and link will be sent to you ).  You can redeem the Rs.500 gift certificate against ANY PRODUCT in the INDIAPLAZA FAN STORE.

6. If at all you should face any difficulty in redeeming, pl call us at 080-25208795 ( 10 AM to 5 PM) , mail us at customerservice@indiaplaza.in or just tweet @indiaplazadotin



  1. I have been a regular customer of IP, mostly books. The blog will be really helpful in getting user-reviews of the books that may be helpful to customers before ordering them. Although, taste varies from person to person. But, will be helpful in general!!

    Best wishes to IP! :)

  2. Lucky people always win !! Congrats to all !!

  3. we eagerly await your releasing of the gift certificate and also expects worthy articles being displayed in the Indiaplaza fan store while expecting a prompt follow up service!!!!!!!!!!