Thursday, May 13, 2010

100% off on John Grisham's new book!

We pride ourselves on crafting the most innovative promotions to offer great customer value .Even by our standards this one is outrageous! When every store is compounding the summer heat by announcing self-proclaimed "Hottest Offers" , we just took a chill pill to come up with this cool idea-  " What if someone gives you the hottest (err..excuse the Pavlovian conditioning to use the adjective) book of the year for free!"

Best-selling author John Grisham’s latest thriller "Theodore Boone" releases in India in the last week of May. The MRP of this book is Rs. 199. Indiaplaza is offering you the much anticipated book absolutely free!  If you just went "WOW" - Just click here and seal the deal.  

Otherwise read the next few lines- Go "WAAOOWW" and seal the deal
John Grisham's New Book - 100% Off

The new star in the legal thriller genre Mark Gimenez’s next book "Accused" starts shipping around June 15. The MRP of this book is Rs. 295 and Gimenez's previous best-seller "The Color of Law" will ship free with the book. Indiaplaza is shipping John Grisham’s Theodore Boone absolutely free with this title!

In Brief: pay Rs 295 and get 3 best-selling thrillers worth Rs 789. 
 Just click here and seal the deal. 

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