Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jeffrey Archer is back with "And Thereby Hangs a Tale"

Jamwal and Nisha fall in love while waiting for a traffic light to turn green in Delhi...Thus begins one of the 15 short stories that will appear in Jeffrey Archer's forthcoming book, And Thereby Hangs a Tale
Archer's sixth collection of enthralling short stories takes inspiration from around the world and will be available in May from Macmillan.

Millions of readers around the world have relished Jeffrey Archer's short stories. Taking inspiration from his favorite short story writers - F. Scott Fitzgerald, Maupassant, H. H. Munro, W. Somerset Maugham and O. Henry - Jeffrey Archer has written five bestselling collections over the years and Macmillan are proud to announce the publication of a sixth volume of stories in May 2010. 

Jeffrey has a natural aptitude for short stories which are stylish, witty and entertaining. His mastery of characterization and suspense, combined with a gift for the unexpected, jaw-dropping plot twist, show him at the height of his powers and demonstrate why he is one of Britain's best-selling authors. All of Jeffrey's collections of short stories have been top ten bestsellers and he is undoubtedly the bestselling English-language short story writer of our times.

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