Thursday, March 18, 2010

Indiaplaza Reviews: The Dork

Simply put, The Dork is a hilarious book.

Dork:The Incredible Adventures Of Robin
More importantly, the book fills a character gap in India .

So far, Dilbert (the corporate poster boy created by Scott Adams) remains the only person we have all looked up to for office humour and cubicle jokes. On and off, we have even felt proud of Asok from IIT, the only PIO in the Dilbert strips. But the largely American office humour made quite a few strips less relevant to us.

Now, we have Robin Varghese aka Einstein. Robin is a cool guy and quite modest – he just believes he is the smartest guy on the planet – that’s why Einstein! He passes out of B School and gets campus placed at Dufresne Partners, a management consultant firm, in Mumbai. Therein begins his office adventures.

Robin is focused on two goals – get promoted as Associate within 12 months on the job and also get the girl of his dreams Gauri, his batchmate at B school.

Robin also has two challenges – his bosses don’t think Robin is smart enough to make Associate and Gauri does not love him, since Robin once puked on her in college among other things! Through a series of errors and omissions, not to mention hilarious incidents and funny accidents, Robin manages to put himself in the best position possible so as not to meet any of his personal or official goals. Then things go wrong and you the reader can have a real blast.

 About the Author:
Sidin Vadukut is a journalist and blogger and this is his debut novel – clearly he has a way with words – getting people to laugh while reading is a hard act and Vadukut manages this quite well. Given that this book is supposed to be the first of a trilogy, it will be interesting to see how Vadukut meets reader expectations next time, now that they are set.

One word of caution: read this book on a train or plane or in public at your own peril, you may start laughing and other people watching you may think you are – mad or Einstein?

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